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About Us

Canadian National Growers, Inc. is involved in the development, maintenance and marketing of orchard in Atlantic Canada. CNG was incorporated in late 2016 and has its head office in Moncton, New Brunswick. While integrating soil science with technology and innovation, our motto is to “Sow Nutrition and Harvest Health”.

The principles of CNG have been at the forefront of tree fruit farming for over half a century, owning major agricultural establishments in North America, South America, Europe and India.

They have broken multiple Canadian farming records:

1984-1985 – 50 acres of tree fruit planted in a single day in Washington state.

2014-2015 – Largest Tree fruit orchard of Atlantic Canada planted in PEI spanning 150 acres.

2017-2018 – Broke previous record by planting 250 acres of orchard in Atlantic Canada in one year.

These rapid advances have been made possible through continuous research in the fields of horticulture, logistics and marketing. We as a company believe in continuous improvement and this can be seen in the efficiency of our systems and orchards.

The CNG Group is vertically integrated and involved in orchard development and management, nursery, post-harvest management, logistics, processing, and marketing of fruits.


Atlantic Canada’s unique climate conditions are conducive to grow some of the most desirable fruits and high-value varieties of apples and pears, including Honeycrisp, Gala, Ambrosia and Heroin Sundown. Our aim is to make New Brunswick a world renowned destination for premier fruit.

More About Us

With the local and global demand for fruit growing, CNG orchards will help boost fruit production in the region. NB orchards are strategically located to cater to 300 million consumers on the East Coast of North America, 500 million in Europe and the significant Asian market. CNG and its associates have established long-term relationships and worked along with many prominent fruit marketing and wholesaling companies around the world. The Group has pioneered in exporting apples and other fresh fruits around the world. The success of the company relies on using advanced growing practices, cooperation and collaboration with local farmers, as well as with the expertise and resources from investors. CNG management team is supporting the efforts of the New Brunswick agriculture and agri-food sector by actively contributing through the Food Innovation Strategy. It is looking forward to creating an innovative, sustainable, and profitable fruit sector to take advantage of emerging market opportunities. The company is committed to increasing provincial GDP, exploring new niche local and global markets for NB fruits, promoting the positive image of NB farming, planning for and responding to needs of the local fruit sector. In addition to these initiatives, CNG aims at protecting land, water resources, the conservation of natural ecosystems, and the natural beauty of NB.

The members of CNG have demonstrated significant success in planting high-density modern orchard. These orchards are strategically located within a few minutes’ drive from Moncton, NB – currently the largest apple orchard in Atlantic Canada and among the largest in Canada, 250 acres with high value premier varieties of apples and pears. CNG remains committed to producing and processing apples and other fruits following world export standards and protocols.

We take extensive measures to ensure our fruits are of the highest quality.

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